Ruby On Rails Applications


Blogging application


Ruby on rails app to get address, city, state from longitude and latitude

Dynamic Url

Loading list of URLs to new tab, using #RubyonRails,#AJAX,#JSON

Upload File

upload pdf file using paperclip gem

Cucumber Test

Learning TDD in Ruby on rails.

Ruby Gems

Password Mate

A Gem to generate Strong Random Passwords for your applications. The gem would generate random password till it is strong enough.
Github: Password Mate
Ruby Gem: Password Mate

Geo Localise

A Gem which help you to find out current city, state, country, postal-code and country-code with simple methods call.
Github: Geolocalise
Ruby Gem:Geolocalise

AngularJS Applications


Angular app + back-end firebase.

CodeSchool App

Learning Angular from codeschool…!!!.

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