How to use Geolocalise gem

Welcome to Geolocalise gem! A Gem which help you to find out current city,state,country,postal-code and country-code with simple methods call.


Github link : Geolocalise
RubyGem link : Geolocalise


Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'geolocalise'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install geolocalise


In your class –

$ require 'geolocalise'

There are mainly five helpers available for Geolocalise usage. To get city name from latitude and langitude

Geolocalise.get_city("19.07598, 72.8776559")
#=> "Mumbai"

To get state name form city or co-ordinates

Geolocalise.get_state("19.07598, 72.8776559")
#=> "Maharashtra"

#=> "Maharashtra"

To get country name form city or co-ordinates

Geolocalise.get_country("19.07598, 72.8776559")
#=> "India"

#=> "India"

To get country code form city or co-ordinates

Geolocalise.get_country_code("19.0759837, 72.8776559")
#=> "IN"

Geolocalise.get_country_code("New York")
#=> "US"

To get postal pode form city or co-ordinates

Geolocalise.get_postal_code("19.07598, 72.8776559")
#=> "400070"

Geolocalise.get_postal_code("New York")